José Mujica on the Concept of Freedom

An interview with the President of Uruaguay who has legalised (via a strictly regulated system) use, limited possession and production of marijuana. Ignoring the underlying topic, there is much potential for discussion around the concept of freedom, the implementation of public policy (‘walk slowly’) and an example of a method of regulating a pre-existing (albeit underground / previously illegal) industry.

What is your conception of freedom?

If i have to take a drug in order to be free, I’m screwed. Freedom is here [taps his head]. Otherwise it doesn’t exist. You can’t buy freedom in little jars. That’s a brutal dependency. Then again I’m old… maybe my outlook on life is old fashioned.

José Mujica, President of Uruaguay, 2014

BCS Guernsey – Digital Guernsey

“Given the importance of technology for our future well-being, suggestions that Guernsey should aspire to be in the Top 10 global jurisdictions for technology have been both promoted and rubbished by those in government and the wider Guernsey community during 2014.  ”

Titled ‘Digital Guernsey – Do We Have A Hope?’ – this presentation will summarise our current position, highlight some international leaders, look at current local plans and question how organised and resourced we are.  John Hollis, retired from Accenture, the global management consulting and technology firm, as a partner, having run various industry, functional or innovation centre parts of the firm in his 25 years there.  He is currently the Non States Member of the Treasury & Resources Board, States of Guernsey.

Members and Non-Members are welcome – book online at

More information on the activities of the BCS Guernsey International Section is available at



Rebel Architecture on Aljazeera

Watching ‘Rebel Architecture’ on Aljazeera… The role of architectural design in a range of situations, for sustainability, on water, at scale and potentially as a weapon.

Some cross-cutting disciplines are highlighted, such as Forensic Architecture (which TBH I had never thought about), and some have parallels with the computing industry, i.e. User Experience Design, Security.

‘A Traditional Future’ followed a team of University students designing the smallest unit of earthquake-resistant family housing and implementing a project to educate the populace to build these structures. Sustainability was not only found through materials, but also through the self-reinforcing educational process, hands-on practice and community spirit. The students themselves could not assist with the builds due to security constraints, so used a remote ‘Train the Trainer’ type process to disseminate the knowledge through local ‘Artisans’.

BTRA Truck Racing Championship @ Donington

A handful of me vids below from Redgate a.k.a. turn 1 at Donington Park – the sight of ten of these beasts bearing down on you at the end of the straightaway is an immense experience. With the voice of a pissed off power station, and the scent of the freshly smouldering remains of an arsonist’s portfolio…

(and here’s gaz11h’s vid from 2010 that quite succinctly demonstrates the aural violence and terrifying pace of the BTRA Trucks)

And for some tunes to get you in the mood for Trucking, how about a spot of Surrender The Coast…

Nick Glegg’s Garden Cities

The latest solution, is an old idea, to build a wave of garden cities:

Well I think if we return to the old tradition, if you like of Ebenezer Howard, Raymond Onwyn, people who built places like this, beautiful green, settled communities, with the right amenities, the right transport links, places where people want to bring up children, where they want to grow old. I think if we do that (with local support) you can actually stop this endless aggravation around urban sprawl, and instead build on a scale which also helps build the number of homes we need.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, BBC Countryfile 11th August 2014

Sunroof Before the Rain

Updated the seal on Golf mk2 sunroof by reusing the plastic innards and covering with velvet…. Might as well attack the rust while we’re there too; Interesting colour match, but after a good coupla hours of blending and cutting, it’s not bad. Reinstalled just in time for some kind of Guernsey Hurricane 😮

Thanks to Automotive Touch Up dot Com for the directions – – and to JohnnyPhenomenon for the ghetto sunroof tip – – and to FBF for the quick sunroof removal guide –

[Update Nov 5th] – 3 months in, the finish is still pink, but structurally very solid. On reflection, paint is a 3d medium and although the blending is good, it appears upside down in places… Next time i would dust the widest area first, and get more specific as the coats build up, for a more pleasant 3d finish.