Sunroof Before the Rain

Updated the seal on Golf mk2 sunroof by reusing the plastic innards and covering with velvet…. Might as well attack the rust while we’re there too; Interesting colour match, but after a good coupla hours of blending and cutting, it’s not bad. Reinstalled just in time for some kind of Guernsey Hurricane 😮

Thanks to Automotive Touch Up dot Com for the directions – – and to JohnnyPhenomenon for the ghetto sunroof tip – – and to FBF for the quick sunroof removal guide –

[Update Nov 5th] – 3 months in, the finish is still pink, but structurally very solid. On reflection, paint is a 3d medium and although the blending is good, it appears upside down in places… Next time i would dust the widest area first, and get more specific as the coats build up, for a more pleasant 3d finish.