Renault Kangoo 1.2 16v – Random Cut Out Issue

Sage advice on common issues from luck3y8oy on Yahoo Answers

There are a number of things it could be, the first one is there maybe a fault on the throttle circuit, as that model of clio is fitted with a fly by wire system. This system suffers from wiring and component problems. The first thing the garage should do is a diagnostic test on the injection ecu, as this will hold any fault codes.

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Kangoo 1.2 16v – Background Info

According to Haynes, the Kangoo uses the 1.2 16v engine from the Clio…

Renault Kangoo 99 to 04 See manual number 3906 Renault Clio which covers – 1.9 litre diesel (not turbo) and 1.2 litre (8 valve only) petrol engines from 98 to June 01. The Renault Clio manual number 4168 covers – 1.5 litre dCi (NOT code K9K.712) diesel and 1.2 litre 8 & 16 valve petrol engines from June 01 to 04. 1.4 litre petrol versions are NOT covered

There are 2 possible variants of the 1.2 16v engine,  says edde on

  • CC | valve | car codes | man date | kW | cc | engine block code(s) | valve
  • 1.2 16V (BB05/CB05) 06/01 55 1149 D4F 712 16V
  • 1.2 16V (BB05/CB05) 06/01 55 1149 D4F 714 16V


EU, Russia and Chatham House

Through a paracetamol addled haze, I am watching Sir Andrew Wood (of the Russia and Eurasia Programme, Chatham House) giving evidence to the House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee regarding the EU and Russia.

On homogenisation of the force of application of EU law:

If you start to play by local rules, you will find out just how many local rules there are.

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The Day The Universe Changed

A quiet night in watching Brian Cox : Space, Time and Videotape on BBC Four – an evening of Science and Science Fiction programmes on Beeb Four, interspersed with short discussions between Brian Cox, Dr. Alice Roberts and Brian Blessed.

Having invested half an hour in The Day After Tomorrow: Into Infinity (1975), I’m halfway towards understanding what Colin was telling the BCS back in April about the influence of science fiction on the modern technologist.. There could also be some overlap towards the emerging discipline of user experience engineering (UX) there – the extra dimensional spaceship as an allegory of a desired user experience , simple, uncluttered, data minimalism, informationally rich…

The Day the Universe Changed – incredible! A massive range of topics, from the nature of belief, to the concept of reality, one’s ability to change it, the suggestion of a view of the internet enabled future as a kind of balanced anarchy.

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