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Setup Dovecot IMAP Server

Here’s a good one from workarounds.org:





OSX to Windows 7 VPN with rdesktop

Microsoft’s ‘Remote Desktop Connection’.app suffers from frequent timeouts and freezes, at least on my machine / network.

rdesktop is a free and open source alternative, but some command line fu is required to make it work correctly. Here is my rdesktop command line, with full screen, WAN experience and clipboard integration.

rdesktop -f -x w -r clipboard:CLIPBOARD computername

Joe’s 1996 Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat

1996 Yamaha YZF600R ThundercatThe Yamaha Thundercat – a fast engine with excellent brakes, wrapped in a gentlemanly chassis and stealth bodywork.

This bike took me on journeys to such tropical destinations as Brittany, Swindon and Swansea. She was dynoed only once, producing 101 BHP, with a theoretical top speed of 143mph. Top speed was tested only once, on a runway, resulting in an indicated top speed of 140mph.

The bodywork was particularly useful in heavy rain as one can hide inside it as Oscar the Grouch in a dustbin. More than one short faired sport bike rider was embarrassed by the Cat in wet conditions. Dunlop D207s and Hyperpro front springs completed the picture allowing silly lean angles (even at low speed) and late braking. The R1 brakes with braided lines provided enough power for two finger stoppies, while the stealth bodywork brought an air of sensibility to the whole affair.

This bike has now been sold.