Piano Booster for OSX – 0.6.4 OSX 10.6 Universal Binary

PianoBooster is an open source (GPL) application to teach piano, much like an interactive typing tutor… From the PianoBooster website:

PianoBooster is a fun way of playing along with a musical accompaniment and at the same time learning the basics of reading musical notation. The difference between playing along to a CD or a standard midi file is that PianoBooster listens and follows what you are playing on a midi piano keyboard.

I am determined to learn the piano to regain some of my neglected musical ability. But Piano Booster has no up to date OSX binary release, so I decided to spend a weekend creating one!

Here is the Universal Binary for OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) – compiled during March 2010. pianobooster-0.6.4-mac-osx-universal.dmg.zip

There is a bug with this version on my MacBook Pro 17 unibody – here is a video of the mysterious shifting fonts, there was a discussion on the piano booster forum to get to the root of the problem. The suggested fix was to build a snapshot from the SVN trunk… Unfortunately I ran out of time to build it, but I hope to help out Louis B (creator of Piano Booster) again sometime by creating a snapshot build (as soon as I have some spare time!).


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